CLASSIC - Studio

Maternity couple photoshoot - 2 hours

  • 2 hours
  • 130 000 magyar forint

Csomag leírása

2 hours in total, 100-150 images with basic retouching (color, contrast, brightness, and cropping correction), 10 retouched images The photoshoot takes place in a photo studio in Budapest. The CLASSIC package approx. contains 5-6 outfit changes, for which you can choose from the studio clothes, shoes, and accessories selected by a stylist. Still, of course, you can also wear your favorite clothes and accessories. About 500 pictures are taken during the photo session. Then, I make an extensive selection of them (about 100-150 pictures) with a basic retouch within ten working days. I will return 10 images in ten working days, retouched, in color and black and white, and printing-ready and web versions. You can also select these pictures, but if you want, I will be happy to give you a recommendation. Along with the photoshoot you can optionally choose a beauty package that includes making makeup and hairstyle. The price is 30,000 HUF. The Classic package can also be optionally supplemented with a "treat" photoshoot with which you can try what it is like when your couple takes photos of you in professional conditions. In addition to the photography time included in the Classic package, each started hour is +30,000 HUF. Additional retouched photos can be asked for a price of 5000 HUF /photo.

Cancellation Policy

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  • Budapest, Hungary